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out of the blue

Feature Film / In Development - 2023


The story of events faced by Hamit on the way home from his workplace one night witnesses the hierarchical result of sudden reflex, and also displays a view of Turkey's political conjuncture which is considered a bridge country between the Middle East and Europe.

oranges don't know sin

Feature Film / In Development - 2024

Muhammed, the father of a family of four unemployed adults goes to a creepy Coffeehouse to deliver a package. And he discovers the special profession in there. 

are you kilim me?

Short Film // Turkey & Germany Co-Production - 2017


The short film is about exploring the diversity of people covered in Turkish kilims and changing landscapes. It portrays an experimental way to integrate traditional motives with modern techniques. The frames switch between high-quality sequences and VHS cam. By interacting with the human body the fabric changes its actual function and gets a new form.


Feature Film / Turkey - 2014/2016

Hayati lives a poor life with his family. Although her life tries to get a job every day, he's not very successful. This tragic and experimental comedy tells the story of what happened to Hayati.


Documentary Film / Turkey & 13 Country - 202??

A World Travel Vlog Documentary about World Tour.



Documentary Film / on YouTube - 1 May 2021


Half-Life: Unpredictable Consequences; A two and a half hour post-modern mockumentary, written and directed by Barkın Deniz, created in collaboration with Cambio FilmWorks and Makine.

Making Things Unique.

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